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Frequently Asked Questions (This area will continue to grow)

In order to keep all information documented for safety concerns, any special requests, to ensure LTP staff and our customers are on the same page and for overall liability reasons all communication occurs VIA EMAIL!

  • IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PRIOR TO BOOKING: You can email us directly at [email protected] or Fill our Our Contact Form! We are extremely responsive and usually respond within minutes to an hour, but at most you will receive a response within 24 hours. 
  • IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR WE HAVE QUESTIONS AFTER BOOKING: We will respond to your order confirmation directly if we have any questions and encourage you to do the same. This ensures that any information regarding your rental(s) STAY WITH YOUR RENTAL DOCUMENTATION and there are no missed steps by staff or our Little Tots Customers. This also guarantees that anything confirmed or promised is in writing for both parties. We are VERY FAST emailers, so there are no worries there! 

ALL RENTALS MUST GO THROUGH THE WEBSITE. Each product runs on its own calendar, so if the product is green it is available, if it is red (even if it is for a day within your rental time frame) it is not available. We also have uploaded a video to assist with booking your rental(s). CLICK HERE to check that video out! 

Thanks for booking with Little Tots Playground! Let’s start playing! 

Each piece runs on it’s own calendar. This means some pieces MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BE RENTED TOGETHER! Each piece has a booking calendar on the product listing. Some have minimum rentals such as 2 days and some can be rented for just 1 day. Pieces will rent for 1 day – 30 days depending on the piece. Pieces also could be the SAME PRICE for 1 day rentals up to full weekend rentals of 4 or 5 days — be sure to explore that when booking. PLAY SUITE RENTALS ARE CURATED BY LTP STAFF AND SPECIFIC PIECES ARE NOT GUARANTEED. 

If you are looking to have multiple pieces during the same day or weekend be sure to book each one and add them to your cart to check out together. If the date is green the piece is available and if it is white the piece is already booked. 

If you have questions you can fill out our contact form or send us an email at: [email protected]

Little Tots Families book each piece for the timeframe they’d like to rent. The first day of the rental the items can be picked up anytime scheduled Monday – Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday / Sunday 9am – 11am. Rentals are due back by drop off appointment the day your rental ends or the very first available appointment the next day
Pick up and Drop Off occur at our warehouse location in Owings, Maryland. An exact address is provided in your booking emails. This is NOT a public facility and does require a scheduled appointment to access. 
EXAMPLE: if the rental is for the 1st – 5th, the items can be picked up on the 1st anytime that is available on the scheduler and are due back to our warehouse the 5th by 5pm or the 6th at 9am (or otherwise first available on the calendar between 9am-11am). These are all for orders less than $200 or pickup/drop off only style! 
$200 + Orders / Delivery Style: 
If the items(s) or play suite rental is over $200 we offer delivery to Calvert County,  Southern Anne Arundel Areas and St. Mary’s County. This information is confirmed the week of the event due to impending weather changes or venue changes. We confirm the delivery address and timeframe that is best suited for your event and to allow for proper set up time when you party plans are much closer to completion. 
The rental agreement which is reviewed and signed at the time of pickup will go over proper uses, potential damages, current conditions, and other rental policies that are specific to your rental(s). 

Payment is due at the time of booking in order to reserve the equipment for your selected dates. From there since your pieces are being reserved for your rental we do not offer refunds. However, if you cancel your rental within 30 days we will issue a rental credit for 100% of your rental costs. If you cancel less than 30 days from your event 25% of your refund will be deducted as a restocking / re-advertising fee and not returned to you as a credit. Overall there is no monetary refund UNLESS there is a piece that has damaged out and is no longer available and cannot be replaced with a similar caliber item. 

IN THE EVENT OF RAIN AND AND OUTSIDE EVENT we will issue a 100% credit to the website for you to use if canceled within 48 hours notice by email. Sadly, unless the tent and equipment can be on completely dry land the equipment risks unrepairable damages. HOWEVER — if you would like to change your suite over to a water play or water safe suite or lessen it to move it indoors, we can certainly make that modification which would permit rain to fall onto the equipment or select equipment that can fit inside of your designated space.  

We typically require at least 48 hours notice to rent an item (some items have a longer notice).  ALL RENTALS MUST BE PROCESSED THROUGH OUR WEBSITE. Items can be then rented for 1 day – 30 days DEPENDING ON THE PIECE. Each piece runs on it’s own calendar and have different financial and timeline obligations. 

Our calendar allows bookings up to 3 months out and will open day by day as each day passes.

If you know you want to rent for a specific day / weekend / week more than 3 months out and want to reserve it ASAP you can reach out to us by email: [email protected] with the list of products or play suite type. From there, we can verify availability and manually book the rentals through our website for you. This will be permitted case – by – case, because of the nature of our changing inventory catalog and time obligations more than 3 months is hard to promise. However, once booked you are golden! 

Play suites are the main part of our business! We rent out 10 x 20 play areas under a commercial canopy (can be smaller or larger if needed — prices and availability can be discussed by emailing [email protected]).

We recommend at least 10 x 20 for a play suite, because it allows for multiple activities to be placed under one canopy! Our canopies can with or without side walls for added protection.

Each play suite is designed with the child’s wishes in mind whether that be color scheme / theme, group average age, type of play desired (interactive, pretend play, sensory, etc), and event type. Play suites are great for birthday parties, group play dates, community events and special events like baby showers and weddings. Keeping the kids busy in fun child safe play is such a refreshing bonus to your day as a parent!

Play suites deliver and pick up for FREE in the Calvert, Southern Anne Arundel and St. Mary’s County areas. They can be rented for a max of 24 hours. Ideally 4 – 8 hours is preferred if rented for outside use. The items inside are hand selected by LTP staff, but we do take preferred pieces into consideration when planning your little one’s play suite. 

CLICK HERE to check out a Tik Tok showcasing our FIRST suite at our launch event hosted on June 25th, 2022 in North Beach! 

For orders $200+ delivery and pick up is complimentary! Any order under $200 is pick up only in our Owings, MD warehouse. If your order is under $200, but you would like delivery it can be requested and priced based on availability. Otherwise it is the renter’s responsibility to pick up and return timely with the equipment in the same condition it was initially rented in. 

So — why rent toys when you can buy them right!? I hear you — let’s go over a few scenarios! 😍
1️⃣ Let’s say it is your child’s birthday coming up and you are having a backyard party … but you child has “special toys” that he or she doesn’t want to share, perhaps you don’t want them to get broken and have to replace them before your child finds out or maybe you just don’t have enough to go around for the day. 👉 We can help you fill in those gaps to help have more options and your child doesn’t have to share their “special toys” with the guests — instead it is a neutral playground causing less stress and anxiety for the child and promotes all day fun.
2️⃣ Let’s say it is STILL your child’s birthday and your child REALLY wants a kitchen, a trampoline, a racing car, a ball pit, or something bigger that you can’t store long term, maybe you don’t have the hundreds of dollars to buy it or maybe you KNOW they are going to get bored with it after playing with it all weekend … we know, because we have been there! 👉Well — instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy a kitchen, ball-pit, trampoline, slide, etc you can RENT one for your child’s birthday weekend as a special treat for a fraction of the cost! This way they get their special gift and you don’t have to give up your living room for more than a few days!
3️⃣ Ohh!! We are visiting the grandparents in town, but yet they don’t have any toys, games or other fun things for the kids! LTP can help!! 👉 Rent equipment for the week / weekend / month so you don’t have to LUG EVERYTHING WITH YOU! What a pain, right! We also will be launching #babygear in the next 6 months that has car seats, strollers, high chairs & more — we KNOW from experience the ones you get from those commercial rental companies are not very pleasant! We want all around comfort to make traveling a BREEZE for you!
4️⃣ Let’s say you are hosting an event, a community event, a baby shower, a birthday party, a wedding even and there will be kids there, but you want to keep them busy while they are present!? Yes — we KNOW you’d love to leave them at home or with a babysitter, but it isn’t always possible and sometimes they have to attend events with you! 👉Rather than lug toys with you maybe connect with the mamas attending/hosting the event and rent a play suite for the kids to play in during the event! This promotes child safe activities (adult supervision still required or at least highly recommended) that can keep those little hands busy and out of the snacks, your purse, your lap and running a muck!
5️⃣ Of course the obvious — is we will be renting toys individuals which most of these above scenarios represent .. but of course we all have had people rent moon-bounces for birthday parties! Why not try something new! An entire play yard either inside or outside under a tent. 10 x 10, 10 x 20, etc for the day of your event. We can help set up a suite that offers MULTIPLE activities to keep kids busy the entire time they are at the party with a variety of play styles to help all attending kids find something to do and love! We have an advanced version at our warehouse for our own son and he LOVES it. Self play time is necessary when you have to take your kid to work with you and having an awesome playroom helps facilitate that! 😍

….. because traveling with baby gear SUCKS!! Let us tell you — we have done it MULTIPLE times and it doesn’t get better! Those comforts you are used to at home like boppy pillows, bassinets, pack and plays, bath seats, bouncers and the list goes on go POOF when your have to limit your luggage for a flight or try to shove it all into your car! This is where our baby gear rentals come into play!

If you are visiting friends or family in the area and need a couple things for the weekend, week or month — WE’VE GOT YOU! You no longer have to block out the back window of your car just to haul it all here for a few days or worse — LIVE WITHOUT IT! Traveling with kids is already stressful and anxiety overload — let LTP make it just a little easier!

We clean and sanitize after EACH USE to ensure the products are ready for you! Child saftey is also very important to us. Having rented a wonky car seat once from a big car rental company — we will NEVER do that again. I will carry that car seat on my back through the entire airport if I have to, because those rental seats SUCK!

With LTP if any of our equipment is recalled or damaged in an accident it will be torn to shreds and removed from our catalog. Your little one matters to us, because we are mamas ourselves and we know how important that is to know! 

YES!! There are select items we are a retailer. This means that if the product you are looking to rent has this: “THIS ITEM IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN OUR RETAIL CATALOG for $30” we can sell it! Some items are actually in stock in our warehouse and some will have to be ordered, but we would love to help you get the piece into your home! A lot of our blow up games and hoppers are part of our retail catalog which will launch on the site as soon as stock is received! 

You can also check out our monthly or quarterly subscription box at which is a custom tailored to YOUR child! You create a child profile and the items inside are curated to fit your child’s needs! We also LOVE sensory items and our sister boutique IBH Creations & Boutique helps sponsor this box so the inclusions are AMAZING! Items in the box are mostly EXCLUSIVE to Little Tots Box — but we can’t leave out IBH fan favorites! 

Well — our goal is to be an indoor playroom in the Northern Part of Calvert County, MD that has consistently changing items to keep the facility fresh and inviting — but that is an expensive dream, so for now we are renting toys, games, climbers and baby gear with a focus on “Play Suites” which are designed to curate a never ending mobile playroom your kids will LOVE for the day! These suites are great for birthday parties, community events, baby showers, weddings and other specialty events where you need to engage the children in age appropriate activities to keep those minds and little hands busy! 


What’s our goal!? Well — this is our son’s playroom at our personal warehouse! We want to make mobile versions of this, with various play equipment and bring it to community events, your home or even if this is too big rent for you personally 1 or 2 times for your kids to have for their birthday party or at a play date! Things you only have to store for a short while and your kids get to have a BLAST! 😍
Our first event was Drink Maryland in North Beach on June 25th! 🙌🏼 We had a 10 x 20 play-zone for kids that day and our sister boutique was hosting a 10 x 20 shopping tent for IBH Creations & Boutique! It was a great day — we hope we saw you there! 


How do we acquire our unique and constantly growing inventory catalog!? Well — that’s easy! 👉🏼 We travel all over the place to shop resale, consignment, online marketplace and even have multiple retail/new merchandise vendors we work with to get only the ✨BEST✨ merchandise! With these methods we are able to keep our rates affordable and constantly add new items to our inventory! Select pieces will even be available to purchase should your child fall in love and you want it for your home too!
❤️ We want our products and events to be attainable, fun, and always sustainable! If we can replace the items more cost effectively this means you get a better rate, we have more and more products for you to choose from AND we can give back to moms in need even more with our 5% proceed sponsorship program we mentioned previously!
🙌🏼 When you use LTP for your birthday party, play date, community event or attend one of our hosted events and hopefully one day our indoor playground right here in the county know this business is because there is a team behind it willing to give everything they have to make it happen! ✨
Just like with all of our brands (IBH Creations & Boutique, Champagne Taste Bridal Boutique, Wattz Web Design and Marketing) we are family ran, the owners are part of the business always, we are small business focused and community driven! We want to be able to help our clients across all of our brands feel like they are part of our family, because we truly care! ❤️
So come on in and jump in with us! 😍 It’s a lot of fun and you can never get enough!

YES! Each item is cleaned before and after each use!

Now — certain wear and tears may occur and every piece may not be in PERFECT condition aesthetically speaking, but any piece that is significantly damaged or considered unsafe will not be rented out to renters or used during events.

However, we are human so we can miss things, so PLEASE, be sure to inform LTP staff of any damages, recalls or any safety issues you may experience during your rental inspection or usage, as we will while it is in our possession.

A rental agreement is used to ensure all parties are on the same page and ultimately our renters are equally responsible for misuse, malfunction from operator error or not disclosing any malfunctions, safety concerns or knowledge of a damage while in use or upon returning to LTP. 

We work best when we work together! 

Since these items are being rented and damages, recalls or safety concerns could arise with each piece we will do our best to ensure your piece remains in the best possible condition for rental, however safety is a priority here at LTP.

If a piece damages out or becomes unavailable prior to your rental we will do our best to replace the item either exactly or with something as similar as possible and notify you. If we are unable to replace the item a refund for said item will be issued.

However, if there are other items on your order that are being rented a damaged product will not be reason to cancel the entire order or issue a full refund. The other rented items will still be obligated to you and following your rental guidelines will be required. 

“A Little Kindness Can Change Everything”
All of our brands, IBH Creations & Boutique, Champagne Taste Bridal Boutique, Wattz Web Design and Marketing, IBH Balloons, Renew Bridal are family ran — that includes Bubba, our son! ❤️ He spends his days at our warehouse and helps with what he can and loves it! He’s a flat lay pro for IBH, he knows how to carry a wedding gown and even dabbles in technology like his dad! 😂
One of the major foundations we want to set with Little Tots Playground is keeping our pricing attainable, while upholding higher value products and services. ➡️ However — that’s not the most fundamental part to our business; but rather as a company we want to give back to families in need. We will be setting aside 5% of ALL sales / proceeds of the sale to sponsor a family or families monthly. This will either be in the form of a shopping spree at a local resale event where you get more bang for your buck, rentals at LTP for their little one, a curated gift basket form our sister boutique with amazing baby/toddler products, specific care products like diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions or in the form of a gift card to a large retailer or grocery or a mix of it all.
➡️ We know it’s tough being a mama out there! You want to give everything to your kids and sometimes it’s just not feasible when life hits you hard. Sometimes needs aren’t met and that’s not because you’re not trying; but rather because sometimes those knock downs are tough to rise up from. ✨ So with this 5% we will be taking anonymous nominations of families in need and giving back the best we can! We will also have a donation link where the community can send a couple bucks if they are able to fuel the fund so we can help more local families in need!
❤️ Our sister boutique, IBH Creations & Boutique , has raised thousands of dollars for local families for various fundraisers and we want to adopt their giving nature. Help us give a family a little kindness! 😍
More details on this to be shared soon! 🙌🏼