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What is Little Tots Playground?

Little Tots Playground is an aspiring INDOOR PLAYGROUND for the northern part of Calvert County, Maryland. We want to bring an indoor play ground that is sensory friendly in some areas to accommodate many types of children! We also, want to have climbers, slides, interactive, inflatable, water play, and more in our facility that can be changed and rotated frequently so each visit is new and exciting to children.

In addition to having things for the kiddos in this future indoor playground we will have a retail side for moms to shop and visit us! This will not only include women’s items from our already open sister boutique IBH Creations & Boutique, but also many type of toys, books, games and more which can be seen by subscribing to our subscription box: Little Tots Box! Our baby / toddler section of IBHCB focuses on high quality baby / toddler items with a strong focus on sensory related products. Our subscription toy box we launched in conjunction with Little Tots Playground will feature various items from IBH and exclusive items only seen in subscription boxes. You will get to see some of the amazing products we have to offer in a fun monthly or quarterly box designed specifically for YOUR CHILD! 

Opening an indoor playground is EXPENSIVE and we want to ensure we can meet all of our goals for the facility, so FOR NOW — Little Tots Playground will be renting out individual toys, inflatables, games and baby gear to the local community including on our personally designed play suite concepts which feature a 10 x 20 tent that can be no power needed or power needed. These create a fun filled space that is safe for kids for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, community events and more! PLUS — Our baby gear section will focus on items that everyone LOVES in the comfort of their home, but are a PAIN IN THE BUTT to travel with — trust us — we’ve tried it! Now families won’t have to live without those comforts while visiting family and friends in the area or even just taking a trip to the zoo and in need of a bigger stroller or wagon style stroller! 

Lastly — one of the foundations of LTP is going to be to give back to mama’s in need. 5% of proceeded sales will be put aside to fund a gift to a local family(ies) in need monthly. This could be in the form of services, care products like diapers and wipes, grocery gift cards, gift baskets, tickets and a gift card to a local resale kid’s event or other items specific to that family’s requests! We also have a “Amazon Mama Fund” on Amazon of items that can be purchased or funds donated towards so we can bless a family in need of that specific item. If a person wants to donate monetary funds to the “Mama Fund” we can also accept those to be added to our sales savings!  

As a mama myself — I want other moms to know that we are here for them as an alternative option to loading down the house with a bunch of toys that will be fun for a week and then simply a money pit that the kids will never look at again. ++ PLUS – buying HUNDREDS of dollars worth of toys is not always possible for families, but as mamas we always want to give them it all! We focus on getting deals on our toys and products so we can keep the prices at the best rates. Some pieces rent for 1 day or 5 days for the SAME RATE! Be sure to check that! This means let’s say your son or daughter LOVES trains — but a $200+ train table isn’t in the budget — INSTEAD you can rent one for their entire birthday weekend for $40! 

Let’s start inspiring kids together — we can build happiness with LTP! 

A Little Kindness can change everything!

Meet The LTP Family!

✨ Meet Donald: He is in it because he wasn’t allowed to say no! 😂😂 — no, just kidding! He is the dad of Jackson with his own business to boot, Wattz Web Design and Marketing, and a wife with 2, he’s not new to this self employed world or raising a kid within it either! 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s always along for the ride and we make a great team! He’s the muscle of the house and even here in this photo he’s loading out the moon bounce for our family Easter gathering without complaining! His vision for LTP is about the same, but he wants dads to know that these are the moments you can’t miss out on with your kids! You have to be present and be in the journey as they grow. Be a team player and enjoy those precious times with the little ones!

✨ Meet Jackson: He’s the cutest 3 year old, in house product tester around! 🙌🏼 He is part of our entrepreneurial journey because we believe kids should see how it’s done and know what it takes to start, grow and thrive. They shouldn’t be shielded from the battles of entrepreneurship. They should see the hustle, the drive, the pitfalls, the triumphs and the failures … because they will learn resilience just like we as small businesses owners learn as we grow! We often try to protect them from these thing, but they see it anyway … except they aren’t gifted with the ability to understand it without us helping them navigate their observations. He is a killer flat lay photo taker at IBH Creations & Boutique and he knows where all the mannequins should be at Champagne Taste Bridal Boutique! He’s even tech savvy like his dad because of watching him with Wattz Web Design and Marketing! He is our reason why and he will ALWAYS be part of the team with all of our brands! ❤️

✨ Meet Sara: Sara is the mama of Jackson, the wife of Donald and the crazy one with all the ideas and shopping addiction! 😂 With two other companies (Champagne Taste Bridal Boutique & IBH Creations & Boutique) she’s not new to the entrepreneurship world! She loves to have a good time, playing with Jackson and making family memories …. oh and taking 5,000 photos of those memories to never make a scrap book with … EVER 🤦🏻‍♀️! With Little Tots Playground her vision is to bring those family times back together with activities that not only kids can enjoy; but maybe even the parents too! Thus, creating fun, laughs, and everlasting memories!