Assorted Boppy Pillows

From: $7.50

The beloved boppy pillow!!! — what a struggle when you are traveling, right!! All those “comfort items” at home you’ve come accustomed too that honestly can help keep your baby comfortable while feeding, protected from falling backwards while playing on the floor and more  … yeah — GONE! Well not anymore! LTP can help make your travel feel like home again! Rent our equipment so you don’t have to overpack the car, pay extra to fly it out here and worry about getting it all back home! This bad boy takes up a TON of space in a suitcase, but it doesn’t have to anymore – get one for the ENTIRE weekend for as little as $7.50!

Standard Disclaimer: The boppy pillow is not intended for sleeping. Babies should be alone on their back in a crib or bassinet. 

Please note this listing does not guarantee a specific boppy. If the style matters gender wise, we suggest to let us know in order notes if your child is a boy or girl. Otherwise, the boppy will gender neutral based on available inventory.


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