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Assorted Children’s Size Tables and Chairs Mix & Match (Up to 20 Seats)

From: $69.00

Assorted Tables & Chairs in Kid’s Sizes. These are not matching tables and chairs, but we have enough in house to seat up to 20 children with assorted styles.

This rental has the same rates for blocks of time for 1 – 5 days, 6-10 days and 11 – 15days. This is in case the client would like to pick up the tables and chairs earlier than the party day for set up purposes.

Please note how many children’s seats you will need in your booking notes so our staff can prepare table and chair options.

This rental is for tables and chairs only! It will not include any linens, table top toys or other products for them.

*These are rental toys and may not be in PERFECT condition, but we do strive to keep them in like-new, very good, or good condition. If something is broken or significantly damaged, please be sure to inform LTP staff so we can remove this product from our catalog. If something is damaged or removed from our catalog prior to your rental of said item we will do our best to replace the item with something very similar. If we are unable to do this we will notify you and issue a refund for said item. Child safety is our number one concern, so we do recommend all toys require adult supervision and inspection prior to and during play time.*