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Giant 58-Inch Inflatable 2-in-1 Darts & Soccer Set

From: $15.00

Improve your tossing, kicking, and aiming skills with our Giant 58-Inch Inflatable 2-in-1 Darts & Soccer Set! The enormous, durable, double-sided inflatable score board (58½”L x 43″W x 58½”H) has a soccer target on one side, and a dart board on the opposite side. Now you don’t have to squabble over which backyard favorite to play—enjoy them both in one game! Two lightweight soccer balls (approx. 9½” diam.), and six 5″L darts stick easily to the game board when kicked or tossed, thanks to the fuzzy sticking surface of the board. The base of the inflatable target also includes water pockets and four ground stakes for extra stability.

Quickly and easily inflate and deflate with 2-stage valve (pump sold separately). Note: to avoid over-inflation—partially inflate the main compartment, and then allow time for air to flow into the score board before completing inflation. Vinyl repair patch included.

Challenge a friend to a one-on-one competition, or team up with a sibling and take on the adults! The perfect inflatable family-friendly outdoor active game that all ages will enjoy, Giant Inflatable 2-in-1 Darts & Soccer Set will make your backyard the hit of the neighborhood!

Score board: 58½”L x 43″W x 58½”H
Soccer balls: approx. 9½” diam.
Darts: 5″L


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