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Teepee Play Tent for Kids Stars Rockets Play Tent

From: $6.50

Check out this play tent for Indoor & Outdoor: This teepee tent for kids provide them a wonderful place to play! This tee pee style tent ensures kids have plenty of fun, imaginative and creative play whether they are at home or away

Specially Designed for Kids: Provide children with a make-shift playhouse that will give them their own private space. Featuring a gorgeous Indian style, flap door openings with tie-backs play tent that flaunts universe & planets images all over. Breathable and non-irritating offers plenty of space internally for your kids to nap, read and play.

Quick & Easy, No-Fuss Installation: Portable and collapsible being of lightweight yet sturdy construction which is easy to assemble and disassemble. Simply put it up and insert support rods for additional stability, and insert the poles from the bottom of the triangular play tent into concealed sleeves for maximum safety.

These are great for a little space rocket sleepover! Just add a pillow and blanket and you are ready to a blast off night! These also make AMAZING calm down areas for kids!

Available to purchase for $35 – just inquire about timeline and stock availability! 


*These are rental toys and may not be in PERFECT condition, but we do strive to keep them in like-new, very good, or good condition. If something is broken or significantly damaged, please be sure to inform LTP staff so we can remove this product from our catalog. If something is damaged or removed from our catalog prior to your rental of said item we will do our best to replace the item with something very similar. If we are unable to do this we will notify you and issue a refund for said item. Child safety is our number one concern, so we do recommend all toys require adult supervision and inspection prior to and during play time.*